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Low productivity problem of jaw crusher

The low productivity problem of jaw crushers is a common concern for users and manufacturers. Mainly because the machine is not properly maintained, or the operator does not understand the machine, so how to improve the productivity of the jaw crusher, Xiaobian summarized the following points.
1. Dynamic horizontal travel. The horizontal stroke of the jaw has a great influence on the productivity of the jaw crusher. A small horizontal stroke of discharge will reduce productivity. Conversely, horizontal travel will increase the productivity of the machine (but not too much, otherwise the material being discharged will be too much. The crushing force will increase dramatically, causing the machine to be overloaded and damaged. The size and operation should be reasonable.
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2, pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. During the processing, the jaw crusher should be lubricated and reliable in time to ensure long-term normal operation of the machine, such as: lubrication of various lubrication components; machine cleaning; regular maintenance. An effective production method.
3. The size of the angle. It can be said that the angle of the machine fixture directly affects the production efficiency. Angled components reduce the crushing cavity, but productivity is also reduced. A small angle of the fixture can increase productivity (but increase the height). The pressure in the crushing chamber is at a predetermined crushing ratio. ).
4. Improve wear parts and reduce wear. For example, the original high manganese steel material of the slab is replaced by medium carbon low alloy cast steel, and the efficiency difference is very large. Medium carbon low alloy cast steel materials are widely used wear resistant materials, mainly due to high hardness. With appropriate toughness, it can resist the cutting action of the material and the fatigue peeling caused by repeated extrusion of the material, thus showing good wear resistance.
5. Improve the automatic level. Such as the improvement of the automatic level and overload protection of the jaw crusher; the same automatic adjustment and lubrication can achieve the improvement of the automation level and improve the production efficiency of the machine.
Jaw crusher lubrication:
1. Always pay attention to the lubrication of the friction surface to ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong the service life.
2. The grease used in the jaw crusher should be determined according to the machine's position, temperature and other conditions. Usually, a calcium-based grease is used.
3. The grease added to the bearing housing accounts for 50-70% of its volume. It must be changed every three months. When replacing the oil, carefully clean the rollers and bearing guides with clean gasoline or kerosene.
4. Before the machine starts, the contact between the bracket and the bracket should be filled with grease.

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