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Method of Improving Working Efficiency of Dry Magnetic Separator Equipment

Dry magnetic separator equipment is a kind of magnetic separator for separating dried magnetic minerals. When using this equipment to work, the minerals to be sorted are required to be dried, and the particles can move freely and form an independent free state. In this way, the magnetic separator equipment can achieve better separation effect.
The methods of improving the working efficiency of dry magnetic separators are as follows:
1. In the use of dry magnetic separator equipment, we can increase the efficiency of the equipment by adding a flattener, which can make the dry separation layer thin and uniform. Generally speaking, the farther the magnetic separator is from the surface of the drum, the worse the magnetic force attenuation. Over-thick material flow will cause the inclusion of magnetic particles and non-magnetic particles, which will affect the separation effect of ore. If the single-layer distribution of particles on the belt can be achieved, it will be better.
2. Secondly, we can adjust the distance between the magnetic drum and the dividing plate. The gangue can be thrown out sufficiently by adjusting the distance between the dividing plate and the drum according to the ore properties. At the same time, the full recovery of magnetic products can be ensured and the recovery rate of dry concentrate can be guaranteed.
3. Another method is to adjust the height of the separator plate of the dry magnetic separator, and adjust the height of the separator plate according to the specific conditions, so that the dry separation can not only ensure a certain tail-throwing ratio, but also make the non-magnetic minerals get better throwing out. The separating baffle of the magnetic separator directly affects the separating effect of the magnetic separator. The low separating baffle prevents the recovery of extremely poor magnetite, reduces the utilization rate of ore resources, the high separating baffle and the incomplete throwing of gangue minerals affect the separating effect of the dry magnetic separator.

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