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Stone Crusher Card Opportunity Affects the Normal Operation of Machine

To clean up the stone crusher well, it is necessary to start from the daily work. Before using the stone crusher, check the residual materials before using and clean up after entering the crushing chamber. Don't let the residual materials accumulate in the crushing chamber, especially in cold winter. If not cleaned in time, it will freeze and affect the next use.
In the crushing process of stone crusher, because the particle size of material is too large or the feeding speed is too fast, it is easy to cause the jam of stone crusher, which directly affects the normal operation of the machine. Or too much ore into the crushing chamber makes the crusher stuffy. The shutdown of the discharging conveyor causes the discharged material to accumulate and block the crusher, which chokes iron. At this time, we need to stop urgently and clean up the broken cavity thoroughly.
Sometimes the iron block between the wall of the stone crusher and the wall of the rolling mill and the wall of the rolling mortar is too large, which causes the crusher to be stuck. If choking iron is the main reason for crusher stuffing, then safety for crusher operators is no more dangerous than eliminating the iron block stuck in the stone crusher chamber. Improper methods may cause serious casualties.

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