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Hammer crusher is a kind of production equipment specially used to produce sand and stone

Hammer crusher is a kind of production equipment specially used to produce sand and stone for construction. Hammer crusher is mainly used for sand and stone production equipment in construction, highway, railway, mining and other industries. It can be used for rock and gravel. River pebbles and other materials are made into various sizes to meet the requirements of building sand. The hammer crusher has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation and high working efficiency. Hammer crusher has the characteristics of small area, high investment efficiency and good quality of finished products.
Hammer crusher is used to separate dirt and debris from gravel to ensure the classification of gravel materials. It is especially important for large and medium-sized infrastructure projects, especially for large quantities of concrete and high strength, and for the stable production safety system of hammer crusher. The requirement of hammer crusher will be higher. In the daily processing and production, the ability of high-intensity production is indispensable. In addition, the performance of hammer crusher in energy saving and environmental protection is also very important.
The main body of hammer crusher is mainly composed of the following parts, such as frame, rotor, seesaw, synchronous adjusting device and hydraulic opening device for upper cover. The main unit is connected to the motor through a hydraulic coupling and starts directly.
Hammer crusher is the advantage of two Hammer Crushers and counterattack crusher. 
The optimized new generation products have the following ten advantages:
1. Large inlet and outlet, high crushing chamber, high material hardness, large block, less stone powder.
2. Material suspension, crushing power consumption is small.
3. The new hammer has a great impact.
4. Install the hammer shaft, the hammer has a long service life.
5. Adjustable mesh size, controllable product size and good particle shape.
6. The chassis can be turned over and maintained more conveniently.
7. Square handle bolts, impact resistance, wear resistance.
8. Compact structure and strong rigidity.
9. Fuselage structure, easy to carry and install.
10. This machine combines impact, counterattack and impact (stone) crushing functions in one. It has high production efficiency, small wear and tear of machine parts, and remarkable comprehensive benefits. It is widely
used in artificial sand making.

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