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Factors affecting the wear of the jaw crusher

1. Material Hardness.
The hardness of the material has an important influence on the wear of the jaw plate. If the other conditions are all the same, the materials with high hardness is easier to be pressed into the surface of jaw plate than the materials with low hardness, which can cause damage to the furrow.
2. Jaw Plate Material.
The abrasive resistance of jaw plate material directly determines the using ages of jaw plate. Although high manganese steel is partly replaced by other materials under low stress and medium stress impact abrasive resistance conditions, it still occupies an important position in abrasive resistance materials due to its low production conditions and wide source of raw materials.
3. Moving jaw trajectory.
Moving jaw trajectory has an important influence on the performance of jaw crusher. The production capacity, specific power consumption, steel consumption (jaw plate abrasion) and crushing product quality of jaw crusher are directly related to the trajectory of motion. Taking the compound pendulum jaw crusher as an example, the jaw plate of the compound pendulum jaw crusher after production and use usually has the following abrasive characteristics: the abrasion of the fixed jaw plate mainly occurs in the lower part of the jaw plate, the abrasion of the discharge port is the greatest, as well as the abrasion of the movable jaw is the greatest in the middle part.

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