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To improve the production efficiency of the jaw crusher, you must do the following

First, the improvement of the components of the machine.  the machine is not good that it depends on its configuration is not high, of course, the jaw crusher is no exception, in order to comprehensively improve production efficiency, then the machine parts must be improved or adjusted. For example, the machine's fixed and dynamic, we all know that when the jaw crusher breaks the material, it mainly relies on the crushing between the fixed and the moving jaws, or the material is too bad, in the case of large or hard. The material will be damaged or broken too slowly, reducing production efficiency. It is recommended to use materials with high wear resistance and good toughness. For repair after damage, we suggest to use welding repair. Keep the distance equal, the deviation should not exceed ± 2mm.
Second, the control of the nature of the material. When the jaw crusher is working, if the water content of the material is too high or the viscosity is high, it will be blocked at the discharge opening when the machine is broken due to over-bonding of the material, so that the back material is difficult to be excluded, thus affecting the machine. The production efficiency, Zhongjia Heavy Industry recommends that the material with too much water content or highly viscosity should be dried or water controlled before entering the machine, and then the crushing operation.

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