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Tire type mobile crusher and crawler type mobile crusher

How much is a mobile crusher? The mobile crusher is also called a small crusher, a mobile crusher. At present, there are tire-type mobile crushers and crawler-type mobile crushers in the industry. Compared with fixed crushers, they are characterized by combined motion production, without fixed production, and can be flexibly adapted according to different scenarios.
In fact, the mobile crusher and the fixed crusher can be used to crush and process limestone, bluestone, granite and other rock, river pebbles, cobblestones and other metal ores such as iron ore, copper ore and manganese ore. It can also be used for the crushing of construction waste, and has a wide range of applications.
How much is a mobile crusher?
The mobile crusher is divided into two types: tire type and track type. The tire type combination is flexible and adaptable: various crushing stations have various configurations, and users can also configure according to their own needs. They can be composed of “first crushed and sieved” according to different crushing process requirements, or they can be composed of “first screened and then screened”. The “crushing” process, crushing and screening can also be used separately. The crushing station can be combined into a coarse and fine crushing two-stage crushing and screening system according to actual needs, or can be combined into a coarse, medium and fine three-stage crushing and screening system. Track-type mobile crushing station; crawler-type mobile crusher is bigger and more expensive than tire type, but it can be operated in various road conditions. You can walk in a variety of different road conditions. Adaptable. Easy to transport, short assembly time Operation and maintenance are safe and simple Compliance with strict environmental standards.
The crawler mobile crusher can be used for the crushing and recycling of rock, ore, block road asphalt concrete and demolition building cement concrete materials. With the rapid development of industry and the rapid reduction of resources, the recycling of waste in various sectors of production It is very important that the reprocessing of these scraps requires crushing with a crawler impact crusher. Therefore, crawler impact crushers play an important role in many sectors.
The crawler impact crusher mobile crushing station is widely used due to its early development, mature technology and good stone crushing effect. The crawler impact crusher liquid-electric shock wave source is a semi-elliptical metal reflector in which the reflector is filled with water. When the high-voltage electricity is discharged in water, high temperature and high pressure are generated at the tip of the electrode, which is formed by the liquid-electric effect. The shock wave, the shock wave is broadcasted around, hits the very smooth inner surface of the reflector and is reflected. The tip of the electrode is at the focus of the ellipsoid, so the shock wave emitted by the focus will be concentrated at the second focus after reflection, forming a strong shock wave. In the focal zone, the crawler impact crusher will be crushed when the stone is in the second focus. Piezoelectric shock wave source is a piezoelectric crystal installed on the inner wall of a hemisphere. When high-frequency high-voltage electricity passes through the piezoelectric crystal, the piezoelectric crystal will expand and contract to generate vibration, so that the aqueous medium generates ultrasonic shock waves, and the shock wave is in the sphere. Focus on the center of the ball, when the stone is in focus, it will be crushed by a powerful shock wave. The electromagnetic shock wave source can be divided into two types: flat plate type and cylindrical type.

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